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Discussion on: 🤯 Create a modal with zero line of CSS 🤯

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Very nice post!
I actually don't get it on what the W3C is up to. Years of using propietary MS IE window.showModalDialog, then going into some HTML standars that ended draw back, and now this, a (brand new) implementation for the same purpose.
I remember when browsers stopped the modal functionality because implementations where so bad. What will be the difference now?
I suppose someone figured out how to make this modals modal to their own window parent, so now, there is no problem in having a modal dialog inside your page, if you want to switch to another tab to see another page, now you just can.
I hope this to be a relief for all of us developers, who need some sort of synchronism in our apps, without being forced to rely on 3rd party libraries or no standard behaviours.
Thanks a lot for the post.
These are great news.

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Jérôme Pott Author

Thank you for reading my post 😊
Yes, I do think that the end goal is to set standards for better accessibility.

About this, Jen Simmons wrote:

It would allow Authors to remove a bunch of (sadly too often crappy and inaccessible) JavaScript from their websites. bugzilla