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Time for a job change? πŸ€”

Prices πŸ’² and services everywhere are continuing to soar πŸ“ˆ at record levels AND the worth of money on our savings account is losing value over time. Although the yearly salary πŸ’Ά increase helps, it seems to be not enough.

The thought of a career πŸ’Ό switch definitely came to mind as it may bring at least extra 20% more compensation. It is understandable if this option doesn't apply to many as everybody's situation are different - one is happy and job hopping is a bit risky.

I am leaning on looking to better provide for my family. As a matter of fact I have couple of interviews lined up next week. What is your situation and are you considering it?

This resource might help you in case you need a refresher on interview.

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