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James Moberg
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Nano ID for ColdFusion/CFML

I wanted to use unique IDs in a project and the nanoid library looked interesting. There was a Java version available, but nothing available in ColdFusion/CFML. I didn't want to have to manually add a JAR file to my server, so I ported it and added support for:

  • multiple dictionaries (numbers, hexadecimalLowercase, hexadecimalUppercase, lowercase, uppercase, alphanumeric, nolookalikes & nolookalikesSafe)
  • multiple algorithms (SHA1PRNG, IBMSecureRandom, NativePRNG, NativePRNGBlocking & NativePRNGNonBlocking)

I also created a test script with ms/ns benchmarks and example code so that the results could be reviewed.

This was also my first ever #Hacktoberfest submission.


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