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Minimal Switch in Flutter

In this article, we are going to create a minimal custom Switch Widget in Flutter. Flutter provides a built-in Switch Widget which looks simple. We are going to create our own Flat Style switch widget.

The switch has two parts:

  • The base

  • The knob

We will start writing code for the base and the knob separately.


The base is nothing but the background of the switch which is in a rounded rectangle shape.

Widget for Switch Base

  1. AnimatedContainervis used instead of the container because we are going to add animations when the switch is turned ON and OFF.

  2. widget.value holds either true or false which represents whether a switch is ON or OFF respectively

The Knob

The knob is the circular button inside the base that we use to toggle the state of the switch.

Widget for Switch Knob

  1. AnimatedAlign is used to animate the movement of the switch when the user clicks it.

The final output looks as follows:

Final Output

Take a look at the below Gist to view the full code with functionality:

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s everything! It’s a short and sweet tutorial but I hope you found it helpful.

Linkedin | Github

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