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Upgrade Visual Studio Code on Linux

Ganesh Chandrasekaran
Sr. Engineer @ Comcast | Adjunct Professor @ Rowan University | Volunteer @ Tech Girlz. Thoughts and opinions are my own and don't represent companies I work.
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VS Code is a great IDE with new features released every other week. Its advisable to keep up with the updates.

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If you are using Windows / Mac VS Code is smart enough to update itself on click of a button.

For Linux (debian/ubuntu) users Upgrading VS Code is a two step process.

Step 1 : Download .deb file to you local folder (~/Downloads)

Step 2 : Open Terminal

$ cd ~/Downloads

$ sudo  dpkg -i  code_1.filename_amd64.deb

Example latest version as of today is

$ dpkg -i code_1.49.3-1601661857_amd64.deb

If you are using RHEL / CENTOS

$ sudo dnf install <file>.rpm

For upgrade

sudo rpm -U  <file>.rpm

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