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Discussion on: Shattered or How to bomb interviews as a senior developer

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Jenn Author

Here it is in all its glory:

Need to Have React.JS (Mean Stack).

• Develop and test code to deliver functionality that meets the overall business strategy and objectives
• Build the work needed to implement features from the product backlog
• Size user stories
• Unit test code, create automated test scripts, and execute all other testing-related tasks
• Test deliverables against a user story's acceptance tests
• Execute necessary project documentation
• Work closely with other team to ensure that features meet business needs
• Follow industry-standard agile software design methodology for development and documentation
• Work with infrastructure, security, and other partners
• 3-5 years in an engineering role
• 1-3 years participating in agile development
• Scrum certification, a plus
• Experience with test-driven development and software test automation
• Deep experience working in an agile environment (e.g. user stories, iterative development, etc.)

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Theofanis Despoudis • Edited on

There is no mention of Java. Wtf. 10 years of exp for only a senior role? If they pay you 100€ per hour then fine but in that level that’s the minimum. Tbh the job description is all over the place and so do they.

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Ben Sinclair

Some good people have a lot more than ten years experience and are regular or senior developers. It's not like there's a common agreement about what terms mean across the industry :)

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Scott Tadman

I'm trying really hard to decode what they meant. Maybe this?

M: Oracle DB
E: Java EE
A: React
N: Tomcat

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Jenn Author

The JORT stack? 😂

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Ben Sinclair

I think they left out the opening description. If you imagine it saying, "senior software engineer wanted for Java role)" first then none of the rest of it is particularly off.

I bet they were a little too close to it and not used to writing job specs.

Hopefully they learn something.