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Use your brain!

The idea of programmers sole job is googling stuff has gained popularity over time, and it actually has a great amount of truth in it, but in order to be a great programmer, you need to absorbe the knowledge you google for, and that may not be as easy as it reads.

Some programmers use google, stack-overflow or any other source to find insights on how to solve a problem, and most of them follow this as the first thing to do after a new issue has been assigned to them. But hey! Guess what? It shouldn't be!

Your plan A or first thing to do should always be using your brain... Think first and search after (if needed).

Plan B will be to google for some insights and/or maybe the answer. More times that not you'll be using the fallback plan (plan B), and thats OK, but always try to use the fallback plan after you apply plan A.

Two reasons of why you are not learning anything new:
  1. If you don't put some effort on thinking solutions... Your brain will never be used to associate and remember this information.
  2. You are a lazy ass that avoids heavy thinking and prefers to google stuff out first.
  • Think before googling!
  • Read, analyze, implement, and if it works -> document.

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