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Discussion on: What are the misconceptions of non-tech folks when working with devs on web projects?

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that's good, we have a lot of fuzz words around, and many concepts have been "rebranded" making some technical terms kinda fuzzy, like: cloud (i.e. just dynamically allocated remote servers) and "apps" (I particularly despise this term). And some widely used but not always well understood like API, REST, framework, SaaS, PaaS, etc. Would be also good to give a shout out to some out of fashion technologies that lack the flashiness but that are vital and sometimes discarted for the wrong reasons, resulting in huge waste of time and money like: SQL that many ditched for the NO-SQL fad, PostrgeSQL that is awesome and considered as old and obsolete by many; good old HTML and CSS that is quickly disregarded and "replaced" with JS, not very successfully if you ask me.

I think you are in the right track, I haven't saw much info to fill the gap between tech and non-tech, and what are there is filled with buzzwords, fad tech they try to sell, old ideas repacked and rebranded to be re-sold as new and condescending explanations about "thingies", "clouds" and "apps", worsening the misconceptions.