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All About Hackathons!!!

Date of Event -: 25 September 2021
Time: 10:00 P.M.
Meeting Host -: Eshan Gupta
Topic-: All about Hackathons & doubts,counselling session.


So this was the first event that was conducted by me at VIT, Vellore and the session/event gained approximate 60+ participants and was of approximately of 2.5 hrs.

The event was really successful according to me as I was able to clear all the doubts that students had by the end of the session. Not only this the students were also very thankful to the host for organising such a session.

Later on students demanded for two more sessions in the coming days and I being the host also definetly plan to keep these events shortly. The topics for the demanded events were-:

  • Topic 1-: Introduction to Open Source and Github
  • Topic 2-: Introduction to LinkedIn


We had a loot of fun while the event lasted and many of the attendess approached and got connected with me after the event. Really it was a very nice experience guiding so many students at one time.

The event was successfull and I also told all the students about the Importance of Hackathons and that there is not a loot of knowledge required for attending any Hackathon.Some of the other topics that were discussed during the session are-:

  • Importance of Hackathons
  • What is HackThisFall?
  • Advantage of taking part in HackThisFall
  • Doubts related to VIT, Vellore
  • Tech Stacks to choose for coming years

Thats all that happened in the event and to sum up I really enjoyed conducting and handling so many people at a time.


Eshan Gupta

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