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Hosting my first ever Session was fun

I'm Rishita Nayak, a 1st year B.E CSE student at Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology ,Chennai.
I was a Hackathon Evangelist at Hack This Fall 2.0.
Hackathon Evangelist Role

Hack This Fall 2.0 was my first ever hackathon and to be very honest, I had no experience of any tech stack except Python.
One of our teammates have experience in Python and Pandas and that's why I ended up participating in Hack this Fall hackathon.
I was active in this community after getting a role of Hackathon Evangelist.
Hackathon Evangelists
I still remember the onboarding call with all the Evangelists out their. I was new to all these words(community, collaboration, communication, team building)
Was altogether in a new environment and was bit uncomfortable as I didn't know anything about it.
But thanks to Hack This Fall Community members, who didn't make me feel neglected and always gave me an opportunity to speak up.
The speaker sessions were so informative , came to know different technologies which I can use in the upcoming hackathons.

Besides this, I joined Hack This Fall Guild in Local Hack Day: Learn ,hosted by Major League Hacking too and was fun to learn with all my guild members and teammates.
Local Hack Day

Coming back to the topic i.e., hosting a session.

There was an opportunity given by Hack This Fall , to host a session in our campus.
At first,I wasn't into it , as I was an introvert.
I didn't know how to face the camera and most importantly I had bad communication skills.
But when I saw folks in our community started hosting their sessions in their respective campus , I too got some courage to do so.
Though I wasn't prepared to host it ,just to give it a try I asked my college students to join the session.
Neither I knew them nor they knew me, was completely a new experience and nervousness was at some another level.
But , by and by I could cover all the topics which I wanted to deliver them.

The Things which I covered was as follows:

1.What is a Hackathon?
2.What are the perquisites required to participate in hackathons?
3.Do we need experience?
4.All about Hack This Fall 2.0 hackathon
5.Importance of Community
6.How to find different opportunities?
and lot more...

Although, I was nervous and cold but I didn't face it for long.
I didn't expect that the session to go so well. And this was possible all because of the folks who joined it.
They were super active to know the things, though I was also a newbie like them still, whatever I was able to grasp in these 2 months I tried to explain it to them.
The eagerness of the folks made it easy for me to host it smoothly.
This was my first ever session which I hosted in my campus. I am thankful to "Hack this Fall" team to bring up this idea.
Because of you all , I was able to gain some confidence to face the audience and it helped me to interact with all.

That's all about my experience...
Looking forward to join Hack This Fall Season 3.🔥
till then Happy Hacking :)

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