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Learning Go Notes - Clean Architecture and Go, is it a match?

These last days I was migrating a PHP project from symfony 2.8 to 3.4 and PHP from 5.6 to 7.2 and it was taking a lot of time to run the unit tests, I recently started to study go and I was postponing the study of clean/hexagonal achitecture for a while.

I still a bit unconfortable using go since I am pretty new, I felt that there was no very mature web framework to use with it to understand the language patterns, everyone saying to use the standard library, but no examples about how to do complex applications.

Since I didn't found a good example, I thinked a good Idea would be study another thing for a while and try go again later, and them I searched about hexagonal architecture and bang, I found these 2 presentations:

GopherCon UK 2018: Kat Zien - How do you structure your Go apps?

Robert C Martin - Clean Architecture and Design

And to me it seems like a match, the way that golang works with projects and dependencies, seems to work pretty well, I will try it later.

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Elton Minetto

I’m using Clean Architecture with Go and I wrote a post about it:

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Haruan Justino

Awesome, I will use it to learn for sure!