Discussion on: Issue with my new job

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Muhammad Hamza Asif Author

Some issues are related to their own existing project , like they are using ant 3 Forms these forms have further nested forms and these nested forms are using functions from parent form component and passing data back and forth which is a very complex thing. and CEO told me to convert these forms to Ant 4 which is different from Ant design 3.
I don't understand from where data is coming and where it's going and they don't tell me how to achive desired results. At least he should help me on how to start converting forms as because these forms were develiped by someone else.
Yeah there are some issues which we should google to find the solution.

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David Israel

I've spent almost my entire career debugging other people's code. And even when it was my own code I frequently had to start from scratch understanding it. I don't know what an Ant 3 Form or an Ant 4 Form is (ant.design/components/form ?) but I do know how it feels cleaning up messes that you don't feel are your own.

Here's the thing though - no matter what job you get coding you will end up with other people's messes. If you do feature work you might get handed nonsense from a product manager. If you build an API there will be some previous version of the API that you have to be compliant with even though the previous versions had a very poor design.

Even now co-founding Uclusion where in theory its all ground up, blue sky I am left cleaning up the mess caused by Lean Startup zealots who push poorly built so called MVPs on everyone till no one trusts anyone enough to try their new product. But I digress.

Hang in there with your current job - there's nothing unusual about what you are facing - our industry unfortunately still has a long way to go before such experiences are less than common place.

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Martín Vukovic

You should talk to your team leader, or project manager or whoever is responsible for coordinating your team and ask for clarification. If you don't understand what you are supposed to do, how are you supposed to do it. It doesn't mean you need them to tell you exactly HOW. They might give you freedom to choose how to do it, or not, but restraining vital information from you is just stupid.
Many people in places of power feel justified in expecting everyone to understand immediatly what they had years to learn or understand. They call that superiority complex. Don't get overwhelmed, play it cool and simply ask questions, and if they don't answer then tell them that you don't have enough information to do your job and that they don't want you wasting time and their money guessing what and how to do your job.