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re: Some issues are related to their own existing project , like they are using ant 3 Forms these forms have further nested forms and these nested fo...

You should talk to your team leader, or project manager or whoever is responsible for coordinating your team and ask for clarification. If you don't understand what you are supposed to do, how are you supposed to do it. It doesn't mean you need them to tell you exactly HOW. They might give you freedom to choose how to do it, or not, but restraining vital information from you is just stupid.
Many people in places of power feel justified in expecting everyone to understand immediatly what they had years to learn or understand. They call that superiority complex. Don't get overwhelmed, play it cool and simply ask questions, and if they don't answer then tell them that you don't have enough information to do your job and that they don't want you wasting time and their money guessing what and how to do your job.

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