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Best UX design for your affiliate top lists

A top list is, essentially, a collection of external website hyperlinks that are ranked according to some order or principle. The websites included on a top list may be ranked in various ways and for many different reasons, but most often are ranked in order of popularity. External website owners will seek inclusion on the top list to drive visitors to their website.

Why do you need an affiliate top list?

Toplists are a great way of collecting and ranking websites that deal with a similar topic in one place, in a way that is easy for end-users to find them. Toplists also have the benefit of being listed in a ranked format, which is useful from a user engagement perspective as it tends to drive click-throughs. Generally speaking, the higher a website is ranked, the more likely it is to gain visitors. This is because users tend to pay attention to higher-ranked websites first, before visiting lower-ranked sites.

Another great feature of top lists is how flexible they are. As a website designer, you have complete control over what principle you utilize to order your top list. This means you can easily tailor a top list to the specific needs of your website. From a design perspective, this is incredibly useful and makes top lists a very flexible resource in the designer’s toolkit.

Principles of UX design

Given how flexible top lists are, this makes them a designer's dream from a UX perspective! However, just because they are flexible doesn’t mean you have free rein as a designer to format and shape them in whatever style you think best. As always with UX design, while there aren’t necessarily any hard and fast rules you always need to strictly abide by, there are nevertheless some general principles you should keep in mind:

User focus: With UX design, the experience of the end-user when using the website is the most important factor to keep in mind. Try and put yourself in their shoes when designing a top list: what value will it add to their browsing experience? If it won’t add any value, maybe it’s time to rethink your design strategy!
Consistency: Another important principle to keep in mind is consistency. Make sure the top list design fits in with the overall look and feel of the website. Ensure the aesthetic, design and interface are consistent with the host site.
Accessibility: Given that you want your top list to be usable by as many people as possible, make sure it is also accessible to as many individuals as possible! This could include making sure that the website is accessible to people with limited eyesight, older users who may be less experienced with the internet, or even users who might be color-blind. Ultimately, focusing on accessibility will ensure you maximize your chances of user engagement.

Online casino affiliates are known for good CRO

When you are crafting online content, the goal is to achieve a solid CRO score. CRO – also known as Conversion Rate Optimization – refers to the process of optimizing a host website with a view towards increasing the likelihood that users will click through to the target website. The hope is that if you increase the probability that users will click through to a specific website, once they are there, their visit will be converted into the desired engagement. This might be in the form of an account sign-up or a product sale of some kind.

When looking to optimize your CRO, you should pay attention to both quantitative metrics, qualitative metrics, and to the design of the website itself. Design is a particularly important aspect, as to how information is presented will have a significant impact on the likelihood that a visit by a user will be converted. This is especially true of top lists, where the design of the top list and the surrounding website will have an impact on how the legitimacy of the target website is perceived.

In terms of which websites tend to have a solid CRO rate, is known to score particularly well. There are a number of reasons for this, although it is primarily because would-be casino users tend to use affiliate websites to find information about casino platforms and for advice on which to sign up at.
The online casino space is particularly crowded these days, and affiliate websites present a good way to provide users with information about what online casino to register with. Affiliate top lists are therefore a great way to help users navigate this space.

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