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How to Auto Update WordPress Custom Theme and Plugin from Github

Usually the developers submit their plugins to WordPress Plugins Directory from where the users can download and install on their WordPress websites.

The process of submitting a plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory is very simple and easy. You just need to submit your plugin for review. The WordPress team will review the plugin and if they found the plugin as per the WordPress standards then they will add it to the Plugins Directory.

But here in this article, we will discuss different requirements. Just assume your team created a theme or plugin for one of your customer and the source code is hosted on GitHub private repository. And a after a few days one of your team member add some more features for your customer and pushed the code to GitHub. Now will it not be cool if WordPress detects the changes on GitHub and auto update the theme/plugin or show you a message for update 😕?

For me, this will make my life much easier 🙂. Otherwise, I will need to follow the traditional way. The traditional way is:

  1. Download the code from GitHub
  2. Zip/Archive the code
  3. Login to FTP/cPanel
  4. Replace the old theme files.

Now think a bit more which process is easy for you? I think you will say "Automatic Way".

If you like the automatic way, then for what we're waiting lets start learning it.

The process is very easy. I used Plugin Update Checker library and recorded a video for you. I thought showing the process visually to the viewers are much better than reading.

This is the video link.


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