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Top 5 CSS methodologies in 2021

Css is very difficult to manage when you are dealing with a large system, this is because Everything in css is Global...

Over the years developers have tried to proofer solution to this CSS maintainability problems, and this as led to many developers creating their own css methodologies...

What are css methodologies?

css methodologies are systems that are formaly documented down that help us to auhor/write css as isolated modules, rather than just some long indivisible code.

Top 5 CSS methodologies in 2021

  1. Atomic Css
  2. BEM
  3. ITCSS
  5. OOCSS

Please note that this list is based on the survey from The state of CSS 2020

The Big Reveal

There is no best CSS methodology, The one you just to use depends on you and the type of your project.

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Top 5 CSS methodologies in 2021

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For me best methodology is tailwindcss. Best of a class

iamspruce profile image

Yes, that's because it works for you, I personally use Cube CSS