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Sunday Review (2019-03-31)

Marching On!

Happy Mothers Day! What a superb sunny day we've had, which is why this is very late on this final Sunday of March.
You know what? I'm not going to prattle on this week and I'll keep it brief. Done.


I decided on a change of pace so put the Python Path on hold and wanted to refresh my knowledge of Agile and Scrum as I'm due to step into the shoes of Scrum Master next week. I noticed that Pluralsight have a Scrum Framework path authored mostly be Jeremy Jarrell so I've been through three of his courses this last week. They're really good, and it's already got me drawing up some ideas on what I'd like to try out with our team on our next sprint.

They're going to hate me aren't they?

The News

Each week I'll post 10-20 links that I've found the most interesting from technology blogs, reddit and other parts of the Internet.

My favourite read this week was Comparing gRPC and HTTP APIs (James Newton King) as it's already providing a decent cheat sheet on how to choose the right technology for the problem you're looking to solve. I'm really interested in getting to understand gRPC better in the coming months and see how it's stacking up against RESTful and GraphQL.

Check out some other articles I've found interesting below:

Technology / General

.NET / Azure

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