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What make Boss? What make Leader?

Why BOSS can be BOSS?

What make you become BOSS? What make you become Leader?

What make a Leader become BOSS?

I know there are many reason for a BOSS to be a BOSS. But sometimes, a leader can be in BOSS mode. What make it?

I know there are so many reasons below them such as culture, knowledge, personal characteristics and so many reasons. I would like to state what I think why cause it.


It requires time to let your supervisor to know the issue well and then he could help you but not blame. Time is a special factor in a workspace. It may make your leader in BOSS mode as he does not have time to cater your issue.


Your supervisor may not have the knowledge to be your leader. He is just a person assigned to monitor the progress. It is the worst case if the monitor tried to blame the workers.


Different people may be assigned a different role in an organisation. Some people may think it is not his responsibility to help other people. The failure of a project or task is not his business.

In some case, the project is on fire. If someone tried to help you, it would make him on fire too. Therefore, he would like to blame you instead of getting fire.

Other Factors

The above reason is just what I think. Actually, there are a lot reason behind it such as culture, personal emotion and relationship.

What you can do

BOSS is a unavoidable. What you can do is just to equip yourself to fight with them.


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