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Nevertheless, ItsASine Coded in 2021!

This thing I found that made me want to post a #shecoded this year

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If we are to survive as a species, it will be because we one day realize that every member of our society has something to offer and that the contributions of all of us working together will get us further than simply relying on manpower ever could have.

My most recent achievement was…

Information sessions with women looking to do a career change or start a career in tech!

I'm in a group called Tech Ladies and it's been super easy this past year to hop on a quick Zoom call and answer any questions about what it's like to be in tech regardless of where the other person physically is.

My vision for the near future

I'd love to see that as remote work and information opportunities flourish post-2020 it'll allow people of all backgrounds a chance to learn and grow as they want to. I'm from a town where it was very much the culture to stay there forever and your contribution to society was to raise the next generation. Anything other than that was deviance.

I'm really hoping anyone in that situation who doesn't want that now has the chance to use online learning and Zoom to get a feel for other options and work remotely if they don't want to or can't move closer to tech industries. I ended up moving to the city, but if I had stronger cultural and family ties to my home area, I don't think I would have. Now the infrastructure is in place to help move us forward.

Meetups and conferences and work being moved virtual allow for more chances to get people involved who have family care commitments or physical limitations. It's going to be awesome as the world sticks with being more accommodating for opportunities like that.

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