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A bit about myself

I'm kinda new to being part of online communities, and thus not really sure where to start, so I'll start with an introduction. Sup lol.

I'm a programmer, music producer, youtuber, and graphic artist who goes by the name Oasi.

Shortly following the acquisition of my first computer (the summer between freshman and sophomore year in highschool), came my first time programming. Well actually, my first program was on my phone a few months prior, but that's a bit irrelevant(at least to this post).

I've never been one to take baby steps, so I immediately downloaded Unity and tried to make some fully fledged open world first person shooter (to no avail, obviously lol).

Realizing that there's a lot that goes into making video games and programming in general, I began to soak in as much knowledge as possible.

Skip to today, five years later, where I have only ever released one game. Not even an impressive one, I was really just trying to build up some momentum with finishing what I start. I've started lots of projects with cool ideas, but never really followed through on them, which I heard is actually really common.

Currently, I'm working on a game in Godot that I originally planned on releasing at the beginning of 2021, however things aren't necessarily going as planned cuz life does that sometimes(-_-).

I think I can say that over the years I've become relatively proficient in python. It's really easy to get something up and going with just a couple hundred lines. But more importantly I've come to understand some of the deeper programming concepts that translate between languages. And with that, I'm trying to learn c++, as it's more the industry standard. Though I can kinda get things up and running, it being a statically typed language makes things a bit more complicated.

In conclusion, this was just me saying hi and talking a bit about myself and my history with programming. In future posts, I'll go into details on my experiences with learning python and c++. Until then, I'm open to chat and whatever else.

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