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Youtube Video: ASP.NET Core Web API (Rest API) with Entity Framework Core, SQL Server and Visual Studio Code

In today's work back end code(Server-side) code is limited to creating APIs as Front end framework like Angular, React and Vue is ruling the world. ASP.NET Core a new cross-platform technology from Microsoft and I love it. It's just awesome.

There are tons of videos for creating Rest API but there was no video which can help you created same thing cross-platform. So I've created this video with Visual Studio Code and Technologies like ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and SQL Server. Yes, SQL Server can also now runs on Linux on docker.

Technology used in this video:

Here are technologies which have been used:

  • ASP.NET Core 2.2
  • Entity Framework Core 2.2 with migrations. How to create a database from code.
  • SQL Server as database. You can use any database with techniques and just need to change the provider. Yes, you can use MariaDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL with same
  • Visual Studio Code- This is an awesome editor. If you have not heard about you are missing something. Please learn and read about it.

What you can expect from the video:

  • ASP.NET Core Structure and How to create APIs with controllers
  • How to setup Entity Framework Core with SQL Server.
  • How to create migration with Entity Framework core and create tables from your model entities.

Hope you like this video.

You can find the complete source code of this video at -

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