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re: Yes, having a test coverage of 100% is always great. However, everything we do costs time and money. If I had unlimited resources I would probably ...

And what if there was a tool that creates coverage for legacy code automatically?
Do you know a such a tool?

Hehe, if you find such a tool and that tool creates only useful tests then let me know ;-)

Will do :)
So what's your recommendation? testing only the main components?

It always depends ;-) If tests help you to build your software then do TDD. If you want to decide where to start writing tests for a legacy system then you might ask your stakeholders what’s most important for them and start with the components which are most likely to break and which would cause the biggest damage if they broke.

Thanks a lot!
You're making good and interesting points :)

There are tools like IntelliTest msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/d...

Jessica Kerr (in a very interesting talk) mentions a tool called QuickCheck which allows you to run property based testing to find cases where you program might fail youtu.be/X25xOhntr6s?t=20m28s

Thanks for sharing Raúl! Do you use such tools? Do they work well for you?

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