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So I had this dumb idea....

So. I had this dumb idea. It was initially supposed to be for broadcast creatives and techs that are inbetween jobs, and it goes a little like this...
The creatives, techs get in a room together, and pitch ideas for a show. If all departments agree, they make the show. Everyone gets a share of the earnings in perpetuity.

The only problem with this is: nobody pays for content, and, well, x% of $0.

So... I was thinking. Again. (I know, right? I really need to not do so much of that) Why don't devs do this? If you've got nothing on, why not all get in a room, throw around a few ideas... If everyone likes it, then just make it. Sort out the rules for ownership upfront, and get to it. Doesn't have to be the biggest thing in the world, and let's face it $x/month/user is better than $0.

Just an idea.

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