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Discussion on: Spin up a "local" instance of DEV in the cloud with GitPod (It's incredibly simple)

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Jan Keromnes

Thanks again for the quick merge and really cool article! ❀

There are still hiccups and gotchas, but the happy path right now is really smooth.

Could you please elaborate on the hiccups and gotchas? I'd love to help ironing them all out. 😊

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Ben Halpern Author

I mostly mean things that could be fixed on our end, but it might be possible to change something with GitPod. Basically when you setup our site, you automatically kick off a bunch of background jobs which you have to wait to finish before loading the site.

It seems like if you wait for everything to finish, it always works properly. If you try to skip steps, it gets confusing as to how it’s working and why.

Everything seemed pretty small and to deal with it I just started over fresh, which was pretty awesome to be able to do.

There are still potential gotchas in getting up and running with our project that have nothing to do with GitPod. I’d love if we had no external service dependencies in development, but the process of adding Algolia keys on GitPod is a breeze.

So kudos all around!