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I'm a full-stack web developer in New York City with a passion for building tools to limit repetitive problem solving and facilitate effective collaboration. With a background in business management, I discovered software development through creating technology-based tools that bring large teams together behind collaborative goals. Bringing strong team-building skills compiled with project management experience, I help companies of all shapes and sizes drive productivity while building team morale.

I've been a resourceful creator and problem solver since childhood. My grandfather included me in designing and building my own treehouses and introduced me to logical puzzles. Those activities conditioned me to approach all types of problems in a methodical way, breaking them down into step-by-step actions to achieve a solid result. When I found myself without the proper tools to organize and communicate with teams of up to 120 employees, I was able to break complex problems down and teach myself how to build the tools I needed.

I have also been an unabashed Star Trek The Next Generation fan since childhood, which inspired me to become a more calm, curious, and courageous person. I love to travel -often on my own- as a means to shaking myself loose from my comfort zone and allowing myself the opportunity to reflect on my life at home from a distance. While I could travel 365 days a year I've found that being a devoted dog dad helps keep me grounded and I'm fascinated by the side-by-side evolution of dogs and people.


Hi Jared! Welcome to

My grandpa owned a Candy store. I don't eat much candy now.

Star Trek fan here as well (more of a Ds9 fan). You're going to love my tech talk. The Enterprise-D moves their computer onto AWS and have to deal with their account be compromised. It's a Security talk. Of course, Worf is a key element to the story.

Normally I post my talks on with recording but its the only talk and my most popular talk which I never had time to record.


I can't wait to check it out! DS9 grew on me later in life.

One of my fav TNG memes

I believe Data not being allowed to directly interface with the onboard-computer is a security feature. yuk yuk

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