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Free Code tutorials and where to find them.

It's April and one of the code sites is offering free use of it's content for the month. So I decided to make a list of some of the free code tutorial sites. This is not a full list but just some of the places I've used to learn.

Plurasight is free for the month. Why free? to get people to use their site and hopefully sign up for subscriptions. There is some great content here. This week I'm learning React by building a game. Earlier I watched some Accessibility videos. It didn't have hands on on exercises but the videos are good references.

Check out #freeApril, while it lasts.

Codecademy has a free tier and a PRO tier. I have used Codecademy several times in my software journey. Most recently for React lessons. It's good to use different sources to learn. The different views points might fill in gaps others left or explain something in a way that "clicks" better with you.
Codecademy has nice interactive lessons that helps debug you code. You can set your own goals and earn badges.

Wes Bos also has free and paid courses. His free courses cover JavaScript, CSS, and markdown. JavaScript30 is a 30 day challenge of vanilla JavaScript. Mastering Markdown is a good primer for using markdown. I picked up a few tips for it for this blog. He has Grid and Flexbox lessons as well.

FreeCodeCamp is always free. I built some python games using their videos. But those were videos FreeCodeCamp Shared on YouTube. I have not used their full certification site. I just wanted to build something and a duckduckgo search sent me to YouTube. Which leads us to YouTube.

YouTube There's some great content on here as well. Many developers have their own channels. So search and see who you can find. It's not interactive like some of the other tutorials but there are videos where you can code along and build what they build.

That's my quick list of free tutorial sites. Use different sites to get different looks at a language. After you build a few things test your knowledge on some code challenge sites. Which sounds like a good topic for another post.

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