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Grokking the Java Interview - My First Book in 10 Years Available Now

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Hello guys, I am very excited to announce the release of my first book after 10 years of writing Java articles and Java interview questions While I have been blogging for the last 10 years, I have never really sold anything, didn't have any book, course, or any digital product.

Finally, now I have my first book and it's going to help Java developer cracking interview --- Grokking the Java interview. This was my long desire to have my content in a structured and organized way to provide more value and this book does that. It provides a structured way to prepare for Java interviews and learn essential core Java concepts.

To be honest with you, cracking the Java Interview is not easy and one of the main reasons for that is Java is very vast. There are so many concepts to learn and APIs to master.

That's why many people with good fundamental skills like Data Structure and Algorithms, System Design, SQL, and Database not able to crack the Java interview on the first attempt.

One of the main reasons for that is because they don't spend time to learn the Core Java concepts and essential APIs and packages like Java Collection Framework, Multithreading, JVM Internals, JDBC, Design Patterns, and Object-Oriented Programming.

This Java interview book aims to solve that problem and introduces you to classical Java interview questions from essential Java topics. The book is a compilation of my best Java interview articles which have been read by millions of developers.

By going through these questions and topics, you will not only expand your knowledge but also get ready for your next Java interview.

The Grokking the Java Interview books contain frequently asked Java questions from important topics like:

1. Object-Oriented Programming

2. Java Fundamentals

3. Java Collections

4. Java Multithreading

5. Garbage Collection


7. Generics

8. Design PAtterns

9. Telephonic Interview Questions

If you are preparing for Core Java interviews then I highly recommend you to go through these Java interview questions before your telephonic or face-to-face round, you will not only gain confidence and knowledge to answer any Java question but also learn how to drive Java interview in your favor.

Yes, that's my biggest secret of cracking the Java interview, you need to encourage the interviewer to ask questions from your strong areas so that you can demonstrate the depth of your knowledge.

Remember, it's 1-hour or slightly more than that on interview and it's not possible to check everything in one hour and everyone has some strong and weak areas. By focusing on your strengths are and driving the interview there you can do a lot better than just waiting for the next question.

If you are interested in this book then you can buy it on Gumroad for just $19.99. If you have any feedback or question, feel free to ask here, over email, or on Twitter, I would be happy to answer.

Here is the link to buy this book --- Grokking the Java Interview

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I would also like to thx all the people who bought this book on pre-sale and on launch. A big thx for your support. The book is now also available on Amazon Kindle so that more people can have access. If you are a Kindle reader then you can download the book and read it on your favorite device.

Here is the link to buy this book on Amazon for $9.9 --- Grokking the Java Interview

Grokking the Java Interview Amazon Kindle

If you face any problem getting access to the book then you can also drop me a note on my email or message me on Twitter.

And here is a screenshot of the Table of content, you can check the full TOC here.

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Thanks for reading this article, if you like my book please consider leaving a review. Your feedback is very important as it will help me to provide more value. I truly appreciate your support.

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That's actually great, as the ocean of java is vast many beginners/intermediate java enthusiast falls into analysis paralysis of the tech stack for java. Also why isn't there any official java server like python's.