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I suffer from that as well and I'm sure many others do too. Some of the things people do to get past that are having a deadline (either artificial or real), working with somebody else (so there's somebody to whom you're accountable), coding some katas, etc.

Some of the same things that help authors get past writer's block would no doubt help.

But I'm a big proponent of the idea that "success breeds success". If you can get yourself any small win, even deploying a static HTML page to a server (if you don't have that already), makes it that much more likely that you'll take another step to improve it in some small way and do so again and again.

It's super easy to convince yourself that the time spent reading about technologies, gathering articles about similar websites, and planning is real work. But it's not if the project never happens. So it needs to happen in direct proportion to how much time really gets put into building something. I can tell you that every single thing I've built changed over time, usually significantly. It did that because of user feedback, my own understanding of what I was building (which was poor to start with, no matter how good I thought it was), and because of how well or poorly it did.


I was thinking of doing just that, to start creating the template of my website with Bootstrap. I figured that would be a good start point and the rest would follow.

Thanks, have a nice day :)

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