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Easy Zeppelin install on Mac, to use AWS Athena

Installing Apache Zeppelin on my Mac was pretty easy! I then connected it to Amazon Athena.

I mostly used information from:

Download & Install

  • I downloaded the zeppelin-0.9.0-bin-all.tgz binary (current version at the time) from Apache Zeppelin Download
  • Unzipped the file by simply double-clicking on it

Start / Stop

bin/ start
bin/ stop
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Access Zeppelin


Add an Interpreter for Amazon Athena

The fields I configured were:

  • default.url: jdbc:awsathena:// (Your region might be different)
  • default.user (IAM Access Key)
  • default.password (IAM Secret Key -- not very secure, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to use the AWS credentials file)
  • default.driver: com.simba.athena.jdbc.Driver
  • default.s3_staging_dir (Added this property myself, and pointed it to an Amazon S3 location to store the Output of Athena queries)
  • Artifact: Provided the full path to the downloaded Athena JDBC driver

Hint: I had a problem referencing the Driver when the path included a space, so be careful where you put the driver file!

The credentials used to access Amazon Athena are also used to access the source data in Amazon S3.

Query the data

Simply use the name of the Interpreter at the top of the section, eg:

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Selecting a Schema

To change the default schema, append the information onto the JDBC URL: jdbc:awsathena://;schema=my-schema

Similar options are available in the driver documentation.

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