Finding remote work in 2019

Kristian Ivanov on January 13, 2019

Comparison between different platform and websites as well as some tips for during the interviewing process. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash There ... [Read Full]
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They certainly have an interesting approach with the newsletter and google sheet. Their website also looks great. I will keep them in mind!


Crossover takes a webcam pic every 10 mins and a screenshot every 2 min, plus they monitor keyboard hits and clicks, it is not worth it.


even if that wasn't bad enough the environment is toxic stack-ranking at its finest, I don't know if it's legal but I would like to hear it isn't


Definitely! Sounds like they don't trust the developers they vetted. Thank you for sharing!


Looks like Pilot is invitation only. Any advice on the best way to connect with folks who are part of that network?


Hi James,

I contacted them from here -> How can I Join blue button ->

I filled up my data, and in about a month, one of their co-founders contacted me over on linked in.

I hope it helps :)


Ok, that is somewhat helpful to know. I think I submitted their form a few weeks ago. Thanks so much!

No worries! I am not sure why they are invite only, but I did like them best, compared to others. And they are backed by Y-combinator which is a good sign.


I think CodementorX could probably be also interesting. They have a nice interview and onboarding process, it's a bit like Toptal for tech people only.


Thank you for the tip! The description of their process on the website sounds great (especially for businesses) and the profiles of developers they made public on their websites are certainly impressive!
Unfortunately I waited until I found a job that I love, before making the list. I will try CodementorX in the future.
Have you had any experience with them?


I applied to CodementorX last year and did the interviews, it was really nice.

I also interviewed for a project, but I didn't get it.

Had a project from somewhere else then and didn't bother to interview for more later.

Sounds awesome! Nice interviews are a great sign. There are too many terrible ways to interview a developer.
Thank you for commenting here! I hope someone else tries CodementorX because he/she saw the comments :)


Hi Kristian!
Thanks for all the tips :)
You may want to check out
All the best.

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