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[TUTORIAL] - Make Your Own Top-Level Domain Name (like .com, .org, and .net)

So you want to make your own .com or .org, and let's say you don't want to make a private one only you can use because that is exhausting (because it is, and adds more complexity). This will be a tutorial on how you get your own TLD, owned, and ran by you. Also, note we use the TLD acronym a lot, and it simply means "Top-Level Domain" and is quite common. The parts of a domain name are subdomain (usually www. or blog.) you also might not see them, the domain name (here is dev), TLD is the .com .org, etc.

Step 1 - Build/buy the backend

The backend means, as defined by ICANN as "The role of the registry operator within the Internet ecosystem is to keep the master database of all domain names registered in each top-level domain"

You can buy one or build your own, but it will be a long process, not to mention very difficult. I would say buy one if you can't put a server in your house or office space.

Step 2 - Wait for the opening

ICANN only takes applicants every few years, so be sure you are not only prepared but you also have a solid $150K to $300K sitting in your bank, as it isn't cheap. The ability for single letter TLDs are either nill or much more expensive, so keep it to 3 letters or more. Do not choose two letters, unless you can convince a country to allow it. They will also most likely take royalties and a good chunk of control. This means to .js, .cs, .bs, .bf, unless it is already a ccTLD (country code TLD) based on the ISO standard, or a country wants it. Sorry.

Step 3 - Fight, bid, and work hard

This can take years, as TLDs like the newly released .gay TLD started their fight in 2012. Now eight years-ish later it is available. There were only four applicants too, some might take more. You might also not be in this step, as most gTLDs (Generic TLD) do not make it past step two as either it is too expensive or they were just rejected.

The process here can also very much differ between circumstances.

Step 4 - Sell

Good job, you did it. You spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and spent several years of your life doing a thing. Good news, people will most likely buy it. I mean people buy things like .moe, .ooo, and many other seemingly stupid ones all the time, so even if it sucks (like .lmnop), someone will buy it because they can.

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karandpr profile image
Karan Gandhi

This is the tutorial I always wanted. Congrats. You win the internet. :)

patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I tried .srs but it seems not to exist yet.

kailyons profile image

Well get roughly $600,000 prepared, and you might own it!

mistakingmanx profile image

I want someone to create the .os domain, imagine it.
Whoever made it could sell something like mac.os or i.os to Apple, or make their own operating system and it would look really cool!

Not to mention randos buying it too, even though you probably wouldn't get money from people buying domains.. you could just buy it first though, right?

officialpage profile image

I was searching for it and found the results on top of the search results; people buy .page as well, as we bought it for all, an open source for making pages inside.

I liked the content, and yes, it was full of information about having your own TLD.
It's not easy, but it could be not hard to play on; when we decide to get over to it, we may reach with our ongoing efforts, there's never no until we quit.

ivan_jrmc profile image
Ivan Jeremic • Edited

domains are nonsense and this is the best example how centralized the web is, we need to get rid of domains, unique ICONS/QR Codes should replace them.

areeburrub profile image
Areeb ur Rub

And why does ICANN charge so much for this and where does this money goes, I mean who are the top level sellers is it a country or something else

bezpiecznyvpn profile image
Pawel Sekuratywny

It takes several years to get that top level domain, but if you have got the money then maybe it's worth it.

razetime profile image
Raghu Ranganathan

Fancy seeing you here. Nice article!

kailyons profile image

Well, I been writing here for a while and considering on getting back to it sooner or later

juanprezsnchez9 profile image
Juan Pérez Sánchez

What about .loli domain?

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