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Discussion on: We Should All Be Writing WET Code

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Kinanee Samson

Personally i believe in DRY code and i try as much as possible to stick to it, it comes with a few hitches because the more complex the problem or the solution is the harder it is to get the abstraction layer right, but in the end if you spend some time thinking about the problem or your solution to it, you will find recursive patterns that can help you get your abstraction right. WET code gives you more work than you should have to deal with, imagine having to update over 50 lines of the same code in like 5 components?? At the ending of the day, even if you find dry code quite complicated at first, ask the guys or yourself about the problem, then loom more closely at the solution.

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" 50 lines of the same code in like 5 components"
if it appears 5 times, then you should look really hard into abstracting it. But if only appears twice, it may be too early to tell.