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Why useReducer is acting wired ?

karthick3018 profile image KaRthick ・Updated on ・1 min read

useReducer the best alternative for the useState , which is also the recommended one for handling the nested state.

Has anyone who's using useReducer checked the render method after each dispatch ?? If not make a console in the JSX and check in development mode

Recently I've started to work with useReducer and typescript found a wired behaviour when I dispatch an action it executed twice .

Alt Text

Nothing special in the code but it made the rendering twice (only in local)

Since this is the first time I'm using useReducer I got doubt in my code & I spent a lot time in fixing this issue (but not a issue actually).

I started to search whether am I the only one who's facing this issue ? or any one who faced this issue and found a solution?

The answer I got is much satisfactory because it's from the co-author redux link

Alt Text

The main thing I've to mark here is If reducer is pure, and it has to be pure, nothing observable happens.

Thanks for your time
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Interesting. I've not used useReducer much as yet so this behaviour seems well worth knowing about. Thanks for writing