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Why asking why?

Did you find yourself reading a documentation or listening to talk and it starts with:

Why you need X?

After that headline they usually start listing some facts that are totally based on something else but justifies why you should need X based on some vague examples. So why is this a problem?

At first this will convince you because these problems sound familiar to you. You are glad to hear that there finally is a solution. Allegedly there is. But to be honest you bought that argument just because you did not really think about those problems at all. Basically you were sold at the word "need". This tricks our brain in thinking: "Oh my god, you are right I really need this".

Let's rephrase this why question.

X is solving following problems.

This will force you to think about those arguments and lets you decide more rational if you really need X.

So my matter of concern is following. If you are a developer writing documentation and used this kind of question unintentionally, rephrase those statements to be fair to the reader.

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