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Rust in Linux, AoT Compiler in React

Some interesting things are happening in the development space as we head into 2022. I will highlight two


I am very excited about conversations materializing into Rust's adoption as linux's second language (also the preamble, and here too). This is of-course great news for Rust's adoption metrics, but as an applications developer, I believe this will expose some application developers to start using Rust.

Personally I have wanted to adapt a systems programming language, since this will make for a better developer, and Rust is my top candidate

I believe Rust stands on its own merit on speed and memory safety, and this is no mean feat i.e. writing code without sacrificing safety - and not depending on garbage collection for this by enforcing proper coding conventions. Memory safety enhances application security and stability. The speed metric is comparable to C, C++

As revealed by a Microsoft engineer in early 2019, about 70% of all vulnerabilities in their products are due to memory safety issues.

I hope Rust will a) either be adapted into a major game engine or b) one of Rust's game engine will have wide scale adoption. This will encourage development of games with surety of the aforementioned features, in essence increasing adoption.. well.. my adoption at-least 😬.

some game engines

Rust is a newer generation language that stands on the shoulders of its predecessors, adopting years of learnings and research in language design. In this regard, Rust tries to bridge the worlds of Application and System development. Rust also has high priority for interop with other languages Rust in C#, Rust in Unreal


I think I have waxed lyrical on Svelte enough times. Svelte popularized Ahead-of-Time compilation in front-end frameworks, eliminating the use of shipping a runtime with compiled code, but I digress.

The idea of Ahead-of-Time compilation for app memoization is currently being researched in React Labs, the auto-memoization compiler, ensuring optimized output.

I really do commend the approach of the react team on implementing updates: New features are introduced whilst ensuring backwards compatibility, giving developers enough time to migrate to the 'new normal'. 👍🏽

Happy Holidays, Onwards to 2022

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