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Why should you learn JavaScript?

There are many reasons why you should want to learn JavaScript. JavaScript originates from 1995, and is often considered the most widely used programming language. This is because JavaScript is the language that web browsers support and understand. You have everything you need to interpret it already installed on your computer if you have a web browser and text editor.

It is a great programming language for beginners, and most advanced software developers will know at least some JavaScript because they will have run into it at some point.

The first reason is that you can start building really cool apps using JavaScript sooner than you could imagine.

JavaScript can be used to write many different types of applications and scripts. It can be used for programming for the web browser, but also the logic layer of code that we cannot see (such as communication with the database) of an application can be programmed in JavaScript, along with games, automation scripts, and a plethora of other purposes.

JavaScript can also be used for different programming
styles, by which we mean ways to structure and write code. How you would go about this depends on the purpose of your script.

There are a ton of libraries and frameworks you can use once you get the basics of JavaScript down. These libraries and frameworks will really enhance your software life and make it a lot easier and possible to get more done in less time. Examples of these great libraries and frameworks include React, Vue.js, jQuery, Angular, andNode.js.

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