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TryHackMe OhSINT Room Walkthrough

Are you able to use open source intelligence to solve this challenge?

First step is download the task files. Task file looks like the standard Windows XP wallpaper

Q1: What is this users avatar of?

What user? Let's look at the hint.

Hint says exiftool is your friend. Who is the author of the image? Do they have any social media accounts?

Hmm ok then. Let's run exiftool on the file and see if we can find any user info in it.
Alt Text

Interesting. Let's use a search engine if we can any social media accounts for this "OWoodflint".

Alt Text

Awesome. We have found a Twitter and one of their GitHub repos.

Twitter ->
Alt Text

Github ->
Alt Text

Take note of ALL the important stuff you see in the above screenshots. They will come in handy at a later stage.

So, we can finally answer Q1 about the user's avatar, based on their Twitter profile pic.

A1: Cat

Q2: What city is this person in?
Hint: BSSID +

Once again, the question on its own does not make any sense to an OSINT noob like me. So had to take a look at the hint.

If you'll look at the Twitter account screenshot above, the second screenshot does have a BSSID(unique hardware MAC address for that particular wireless router).

Now, looking at the hint, let's visit It seems to be a website which allows us to search user-contributed data on wireless networks around the world for our BSSID, and then pinpoint its location.

First, we'll need to register on the website before running a search.

Zoom out of the map, paste the BSSID in the BSSID search box, and then click on Filter. You will see a small ring around London. Keep zooming in, until you see the SSID name.

Alt Text
Alt Text

So, now we can answer

Q2: What city is this person in?
A2: London

Q3: Whats the SSID of the WAP he connected to?
A3: UnileverWiFi

Q4: What is his personal email address?

Answer for Q4 found earlier in the README of their Github repo

Q5: What site did you find his email address on?
A5: GitHub

Q6: Where has he gone on holiday?

Now, this was truly confusing. After running a couple more searches, finally found a link that appears to be their blog.
Alt Text

Link to Blog =>

Post content says "Im in New York right now, so I will update this site right away with new photos!". So probably on a vacation.

Q6: Where has he gone on holiday?
A6: New York ( Found on his blog )

Q7: What is this persons password?

Frankly I had no idea, until I went to that blog post again, and saw that weird string at the end of the blog post.

Q7: What is this persons password?
A7: pennYDr0pper.!

Thanks for reading. This was a fun goose chase, and a great introduction to OSINT.

Try the room at

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