4 Aliases I Always Put on .zshrc/.bashrc

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I'm using a couple of machines, Mac, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pis and all of them have at least 3 aliases. In addition, basically, I use zsh since I love oh-my-zsh.

If you are not familiar with alias, this post will be useful.

My .zshrc/.bashrc have followings.


Sometimes I change settings, but I don't want to type source blah blah blah.

alias reload="source ~/.zshrc"


I use this heavily, especially to check ssh destination lol

alias h="history"


Love to keep my iTerm screen clean as much as possible

alias cl="clear"


Sometimes I do typo like pyhton or pythoo, so this is to run my python scripts smoothly.

alias p="python"

I also put aliases for my python virtual env since I'm lazy.
For Ubuntu and Raspberry Pis have open which Mac uses.

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Good post - my aliases are different, but same concept. For optimal history do check out my TIL on slimming history


Thank you for sharing the info.

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