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No really horrible ones. But one particularly bad one I remember.

I had been working primarily with MySQL. But I was asked how to analyze the query cost in MSSQL. My response. "I have been using MySQL for the past several years and there I can put EXPLAIN in front of it to examine the query plan. I believe in SSMS I can look at the query plan over here..." I was dinged for not knowing the specific menu item to pick in SQL Server Mgmt Studio, not given credit for the more important skill of knowing how to analyze a query plan. Sadly, I really beat myself up for a while about missing this question.

But the interview really turned when I asked about work-life balance. The interviewer started getting defensive. Justification statements like (paraphrased) "We expect you to be here when everyone else is here. And more in crunch times. But we provide snacks/drinks/toys/awesome-environment." They were going to send me a take-home test to further the interview, but I emailed back that I didn't think it would be a fit. I'm pretty sure they already drew the same conclusion.


this is important, happened to me too, they don't know how to evaluate your skills or don't care and they lose many people this way

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