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Tried & published Next.js 9.0 + TypeScript + redux-observable starter

Next.js 9.0 has been released.
I tried it with my usual development libs (redux-observable, styled components, etc...), and I found some gotchas, so I'm writing down this.


Using redux-observable with Next.js, we have to put some code to /pages/_app.ts, and the style is little bit different comparing to pure react development.
There are some libraries that helps it

import 'semantic-ui-css/semantic.min.css'

In the Next.js world, we have to create next.config.js instead of webpack.config.js .
So I wrote css-loader settings on it. But it didn't work well.
I googled & found the information about @zeit/next-css.
But next-css was displaying error like Invalid Option, so I googled more, and I found the issue of it.
It's just workaround, but worked well.
My next.config.js is following.

Styled Components

There are some errors on the browser console.
I've googled again and some articles saying use .babelrc.
So I've added .babelrc and it solved the issue.

"presets": ["next/babel"],
"plugins": ["styled-components"]

Published starter

There are no errors for now.
I felt that using Next.js is little bit different from pure react development, and it made me confusing.
So I published this article & Next.js 9.0 + TypeScript + redux-observable starter for me, and the person who is trying Next.js but struggling with errors.
But this repository is still WIP.

  • [ ] Use middleware or something for Authentication
  • [ ] Set alias for import { foo } from '~/foo'
  • [ ] Remove 'any' type from epic

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