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Dart Programming Full Course for Absolute Beginners 2021

Dart is a Powerful language, it’s a new platform for modern App, Web, Game, A.I. development. It’s a superb place to start learning to program. With this Dart course, you have everything that you will need to “learn to code” with cutting-edge tools. The goal of this course to make learning to program as straightforward as possible.

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Who Is This Course For?
This Course is aimed at those with a very limited knowledge of dart Programming who wish to learn them from the ground up. More than anything else, though, this course is an
introduction to programming.
If you are already an experienced programmer, this course is not for you. If you know a little HTML but want to take your skillset to the next level, this course is probably for you. If you simply have an intense curiosity about computers but have no knowledge of programming, this course may be for you. If you want to get started developing
your own apps, websites with Dart & Flutter but have no prior experience, then this book is definitely for you.

Programming is not easy. The viewers of this course cannot expect to have mastered programming by its end. She can expect to be capable of writing her own small-to-medium-size programs. She will be able to understand others’ source code. She will have a firm grasp on the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to continue her journey. In short, she will
be on her way to being a programmer.

Why Should I Learn Dart?
Dart is a new, relatively easy-to-learn programming language from Google. Dart has a large built-in library (think of this as a real library: you can borrow code from this virtual library to help you do things with your program, just as you can borrow books from the real library to help you do things in real life) that makes doing many common programming tasks easier. Dart also has a powerful packaging system, so that libraries built by other institutions and programmers can easily be utilized by anyone. In short, Dart is a modern, convenient, and compatible language designed for productivity.

About This Course
This book is structured in short, easy-to-digest section, highly practical that concentrate on one key concept each. This course includes 2 cool Programs. Each chapter ends with exercises to give you more practice with the section's concepts. The more you do, the more the chapter’s concepts will begin to seem clear.


Dart Overview
Advantages of Dart
Set Up your Dart Environment
Your First Dart Program
Comment System
Data Type
Deep Dive into Variable
Deep Dive into Data Type
Arithmetic Operators
Equality or Relational Operators
Increment & Decrement Operators
Type test Operators
Assignment Operators
Assignment Operators
Flow Control Statements(If else)
Switch Statement
While loop
Do While loop
For loop
Compare While loop, Do While loop, For loop
For loop with List
For each loop
For in loop
Number guessing Game
Temperature Converter Program

Get in Touch with the Instructor
Do you have questions or comments? Do you need help working through an example or exercise? Please, do not hesitate to reach out on e-mail at

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