About Me

letsbsocial1 profile image Maria Campbell 惻1 min read

I am a native New Yorker, photographer, videographer, blogger, former graphic designer/digital product photographer in the Beauty Industry, and for many years a fashion designer. I first started developing with WordPress in 2007, and ended up choosing Front End Development because it permits me to find practical application to things I love.

My SPECIALTIES include HTML5, CSS3, CSS Flexbox, JavaScript, ES6, NPM, Node, Sass, PostCSS, Gulp, Webpack 2+, Static Website Generators, Liquid Syntax, Command Line, Markdown, Git, Github, Creative Suite, "Candid Camera", Keynote, technical writing, and more.

2017 is the year for conquering React and Ruby on Rails.

When Iā€™m not coding, I love to go to the countryside to recharge, watch Film Noir and mystery movies, listen to music, ponder over surrealist art, and create exotic cuisine.


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