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Angular SpringBoot CRUD Oracle Example

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Angular SpringBoot CRUD Oracle Example

Tutorial: "Angular SpringBoot CRUD Oracle Example"

In the tutorial, I introduce how to create an "SpringBoot Angular Oracle CRUD Example" with POST/GET/PUT/DELETE requests to SpringBoot RestAPIs.

  • Design overview system by Architecture Diagram that includes: Angular Client, SpringBoot RestAPIs, and Oracle database.
  • Implement Angular CRUD Client with Angular built-in HttpClient to communicate with server side.
  • Implement SpringBoot RestAPIs that gets data from Oracle using Spring Data JPA and returns back data as Json format to requested Angular Client.

You can check out the complete code of the application on this github repository.

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  • We build backend SpringBoot Application that provides RestAPIs for POST/GET/PUT/DELETE Customer entities and store them in Oracle/PostgreSQL database.
  • We implement Angular Application that use Angular HTTPClient to interact (call/receive requests) with SpringBoot backend and display corresponding page view in browser.

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Angular SpringBoot CRUD Oracle Example

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