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Finding Issues to Work On


For my open source class, our next assignment is to find and contribute to a larger and more impactful issue compared to previous assignments. I'll be working on this over the next three weeks and blogging about my goals, progress, and results during this time. In this first week, I would like to talk about the process of finding a project and issues to work on and my goals for this assignment.

Finding a Project

For this assignment, I wanted to continue my work on the IPC144 repository, which is the course notes repository for the IPC144 course. Previously, I had submitted a PR and also completed code reviews for other PRs for this repository. I want to continue working on this project on a deeper level and hopefully provide some fixes for things that I was not able to accomplish in the previous PR, which I'll explain in the next section.

Finding Issues

One of my goals for this assignment is to work on something related to the front-end/UI as this is the area of development I am most interested in. In addition, I want to work on more open-ended issues that allow me to be more creative and come up with new ideas or solutions. Therefore, when I saw these two issues in the IPC144 repository, I was really excited to work on them:

Issue #1: Figure out highlighting colour(s) and strategy for light and dark mode
Issue #2: Experiment with converting Raster images to SVGs

These two issues were both problems that I had encountered while working on my previous PR for this repository. For example, in my previous PR, I converted all tables from HTML to images due to sizing issues on different screen sizes. However, the images were a bit blurry, especially if you zoomed in, so I don't think the current solution is ideal. Therefore, I'm really interested in doing more research about SVGcode, which converts raster images to SVGs, to see if it would be a possible solution. In addition, another problem I previously encountered was dealing with tables and images in light vs dark modes, so in the upcoming weeks, I'll be working on a solution that allows pages to look great in either mode.

Approaching the Issues

Next week, I'll be doing more research on SVGcode. The issue links to a video tutorial which I will be following along with to convert a few raster images from the repository to see if and how it works. The issue regarding light and dark themes also links to a Docusaurus page, which provides more information on how to create styles for different themes. I will be testing this out and also experimenting with different colours to see what would be most suitable for the light and dark themes of the website.

In the next week, I will be blogging about my progress on these two issues so far and any problems I've encountered or solutions I've come up with. Thanks for reading!

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