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How To Add Canonical Links on

If you're using Rich + Markdown, canonical links need to be added differently.

Click on the engine icon at the bottom of the post.


A small window should pop-up:


Now you can add the canonical link.

You only need to add the link address like this:
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And remove the rest.

To find the canonical path, do the following:

  • Press F12
  • CTRL + F and search for "canonical"

You should see something such as:

<link rel="canonical" href="">
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I hope this helps!

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skylerdevops profile image

Is that related to cross posting? (I'm thinking about Hashnode, and the fact you post there first, and it cross post here) :)

maddy profile image

Hey Skyler!

Yes, exactly.

Whenever you cross post your articles, use canonical links to avoid hurting SEO (I was suggested this and decided to make an article as it took me some time to find the place to insert the linkπŸ˜†)

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