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Goodbye Adobe! Or: why we are leaving the Adobe product family!

My team and I have been using Adobe Creative Cloud for several years now. Despite the relatively high price, we were mainly convinced by the familiarity of the software as well as the good interoperability of the individual software solutions and the same or at least very similar user interface in the various programs. Likewise, the common cloud connection of the programs has accelerated our workflow quite a bit.

Why we are now leaving Adobe?

So, why do we want to leave the Adobe Family now?

  1. Adobe has long relied on their good name
    The user experience has been ignored for a long time in the ongoing development of many Adobe products. For example, the speed and flow of working in many Adobe programs is very slow. The loading times when importing files are also very long.

  2. The Adobe Support
    Adobe technical support is one of the worst I have ever had the pleasure of using. It is usually quicker to ask colleagues or search engines about problems than to contact technical support.

  3. Performance
    Even high-performance laptops and desktop PCs work up a good sweat when using Adobe products. The high load on the device despite the slow loading times and the poor performance of many programs is not really clear to me.

  4. Pricing
    The Adobe programs are all quite cost-intensive. Besides, the Adobe products have been switched to a subscription model which causes relatively high monthly costs.

We have not yet decided which programs we will switch to in detail. We will probably replace Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator with Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer. We are still looking for alternatives for the other programs we use.

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