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It was my cats' birthday earlier this week, so my wife & I bought and assembled a kitty tower for them.


That's Icarus there, having a moment!



Climbing higher into the sunlight?



Hopefully not too close! says his Daedalus. (Commence the groaning...)


Your cat looks cute. And the other cat is white? I also have 2 cats, black and white. I sometimes think of Kusturica's film "Black cat white cat" when I look at my cats. I also recently gave them a gift and bought them a big cat house. But to my regret, they prefer a closet and an empty box from the washing machine. I read in a blog about pets that this is normal behavior and cats can take a long time to get used to new things. By the way, do you know any interesting blogs about cats? I like this one petsoid.com/what-is-a-group-of-cat.... There's a lot of interesting information here that I didn't know before.

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