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Code Art & iDraw H review

Art with code, generative art, coding art, creative coding... It has many names and they all say the same thing.

ΒΏWhat is coding art?

Generative art is a type of art that is created through the use of algorithms and computer programs. Instead of being created by human hands, generative art is generated using code and software.

This means that each piece of generative art is unique and cannot be replicated exactly.

The process of creating generative art often involves randomness and unpredictability, which can lead to unexpected and surprising results.

Me and code art

I discovered generative art a little over a year ago, and since then, I haven't stopped experimenting with different styles, techniques, and algorithms to explore this immense world. Here's a compilation of 100 sketches from the past year:

100 Generative Sketches

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The latest thing I'm exploring is printing the artwork with the help of a drawing robot, also called pen plotter.

IDraw H review

Generative art has gained significant popularity in recent years, attracting artists from various disciplines. To support this creative endeavor, iDraw H emerges as a remarkable plotter designed specifically for generative art. In this short review, we explore the features, performance, and overall user experience of iDraw H, comparing it to other models such as Axidraw.

IDraw H

IDraw H test

Link to web:

Impressive Performance and Build Quality

Upon testing, it becomes evident that iDraw H outshines its competitors in terms of speed, surpassing the performance of Axidraw. Furthermore, the solid and high-quality metal structure sets it apart from other models in the market.

Precise and Versatile Drawings

One notable feature of iDraw H is its ability to produce precise and sharp drawings. The pen holder, being 2-3mm larger than the Axidraw, accommodates a wider range of pens. This flexibility allows artists to experiment with different types of pens, resulting in diverse artistic outputs.

Integration with Inkscape

iDraw H's compatibility with Inkscape, a free open source popular vector graphics editor, is a significant advantage for artists. This integration seamlessly integrates the plotting process into artists' existing workflows. Notably, the ability to control the order of paths drawn is crucial, especially for creating timelapse videos. Additionally, the inclusion of a button on the controller board acts as a convenient **pause button* during the drawing process.

Smooth Motor Operation and Quiet Servo

The motors of iDraw H operate smoothly, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted plotting. Surprisingly, the servo of this plotter is quieter compared to that of the Axidraw A3 V3, enhancing the overall user experience.

Easy installation

One of the things I have liked the most, even though it may seem silly, is how easy everything is to install. Within a few minutes, you have the machine up and running.

Easy installation IDraw H

Considerations and Potential Improvements

Some possible improvements would be to facilitate connectivity through Bluetooth or wireless, which would greatly enhance the experience.

Another feature that I find very useful would be to have a programming interface in different languages to directly control the motors. This would be a treat for any generative artist.

Overall, the documentation and video tutorials could be improved.


In summary, the iDraw H plotter is an excellent choice for artists venturing into generative art. It provides a robust and reliable machine that seamlessly integrates with Inkscape, facilitating a smooth workflow. The versatility of the pen holder enables artists to explore various pen types, allowing for creative experimentation. Assembly is straightforward, making it accessible for most artists, while those interested in the technical aspects will appreciate the opportunity to build and understand the plotter's inner workings. Although the A4 drawing area may feel slightly restricted for some users, iDraw H offers for those seeking a larger canvas. With its impressive features and performance, iDraw H is an ideal tool to bring generative art to life on paper.

IDraw H Work

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