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Adding GraphQL to React

To add GraphQL, add some libraries.

yarn add apollo-boost react-apollo graphql

Now you can use these libraries to pull the data from the backend and do whatever you need to with it. In this example, we’re building an e-commerce app, so we’ll be pulling the data that populates the store from a GraphQL database.What we’re doing is in the code comments below.

import React from "react";
import { Query } from "react-apollo";
import { gql } from "apollo-boost";

import CollectionsOverview from "./collections-overview.component";
import Spinner from "../spinner/spinner.component";

// query the DB.
//The gql tag and backtics let us use the GraphQL style of queries inside of our JavaScript
const GET_COLLECTIONS = gql`
    collections {
      items {

const CollectionsOverviewContainer = () => (
  // Query returns a function. On that function is going to be an object that holds a number of different properties
  // Wrap the Query component around whatever component you want to receive the data
  <Query query={GET_COLLECTIONS}>
    {/* destructure off the things you want to get from the object to use */}
    {({ loading, data }) => {
      if (loading) return <Spinner />;
      return <CollectionsOverview collections={data.collections} />; //data is the top level key for what's returned from GraphQL in this case, so data.collections will return the collections

export default CollectionsOverviewContainer;

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