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Discussion on: Passwords

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Siddarth Iyer Author

Great point on clipboards not being automatically cleared! Honestly that's currently an issue that I have with my current password generation tool, which I fix by immediately copying some gibberish into my clipboard after I'm done pasting my password. It's a bit of mental discipline to maintain, but I do find it more universal in general than solutions which autoinsert your password into <input type="password"> fields.

Certainly, any password manager that drops the generated password into your clipboard must be accompanied by the practice of overwriting your clipboard with other data right after the password is inserted. Due to this I also choose to do without the convenience of having a multi-item clipboard (Windows has it in-built these days) 😞

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Giacomo "Mr. Wolf" Furlan

Some Linux DEs come with clipboard history :D btw some password keepers (like Enpass) delete the whole clipboard in a few seconds